Network issues


The network is stable and the case will now be closed.

Sous surveillance

The switch has just been replaced by the network engineer and the redundancy has been restored. We are now monitoring the situation for the next few hours.

Problème identifié

Our engineer has just arrived at the ZRH1 data center with a replacement unit. The installation and commissioning will take place soon.

Problème identifié

The switch crashed again within minutes and we now take it offline to stabilize the situation and prioritize the replacement.

Problème identifié

One switch failed, due to redundancy there were only some packet losses. The affected switch then rebooted automatically. However, we will proactively replace the switch within the next few hours.

En voie de résolution

We are currently experiencing Network related issues and our technical team is already investigating. We will post another update about the progress and other details as soon as we learn more. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience.