Planned maintenance: Compute


The update was successful and could be completed.
The API is available again. Thank you for the understanding.

Problem Identified

In the meantime, the vendor has provided a hotfix that allows us to complete the upgrade process. We will start with the remaining part of the upgrade tonight from 5pm CET.


Unfortunately, we ran into a problem when updating. The case has been escalated to the vendor with the highest priority. The instances are running fine at the moment, but the API is still unavailable for safety reasons.


Reasons for the maintenance:
Major hypervisor upgrade of the physical compute nodes to the latest stable version

Start: Thursday 2021-10-31, 08:00
End: Thursday 2021-10-31, 23:00
Time Zone: CET


  • Due to our redundant architecture, we do not expect any interruptions
  • Thanks to the Live-Migration technology VMs are automatically moved to nearby nodes
  • The control panel and API will remain active during the maintenance
  • The performance of the control panel and API may be slightly degraded
  • During short periods it may not be possible to create new objects